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I'm a British / American photographer, currently based in Los Angeles. My passion for photography started at an early age. Leading me to study photography at Kensington & Chelsea College London in the mid 90s. Since then I have become better known for my landscape photographs of Europe, North America and beyond. Having exhibited works both in the UK and USA.

My inspiration and focus has always sprung from Nature and all Natural Sciences. Fascinated by nature creating and molding structures and formations, revealing hidden subtleties in patterns and sequences. In my photography I strive to convey the immense variety found in nature and such principles as The Cosmic Onion, Deep Time, Gaia, Aero, Hydro and Geo Dynamics and the interplay of light with them.


Robert G. Zuckerman
 To me, photography is not only about craft and ability with camera, but also about how one lives, how one beholds the world and how one conducts oneself with others. All of these things are wrapped up into one with Robert Khoi. He is a visual naturalist, in the tradition of Darwin, Muir, Audubon, Adams, The Realists, The Impressionists and more. I would also call him a Wonderist – one who beholds, recognizes and conveys the wonder of our world to others. In his imagery there is grandeur, reverence and care. Through his photography Robert respects the world and the people in it, which is why it is so natural to respect Robert.

 Photographer/Author/Speaker -

Susie Dawson
As a photographer, Robert’s stunning use of broader aspects of landscape and light create at times, almost abstract patterns while, at other times, the focus is the extraordinary textures found in nature. I have enjoyed Robert’s work since seeing his exhibition at the Finborough Arms, Finborough Road, London SW10 in March 2009 and have followed his career with interest, admiring his infectious enthusiasm and unfailing energy.
Susie Dawson
Tate Gallery, 2002 – 2009
Royal Academy of Arts, London 1984 – 2009
Lecturer, History of Art and Design, University of the West of England, 1982 – 1984

Stephanie Immelman
Robert’s landscape work captures images from all over the world and the composition always provides a little surprise. I believe that his work would be an excellent addition to any program. We hired Robert on many occasions to photograph work for our portfolio for our London design business. 
My background: I am responsible for marketing promotions, PR and special events the Pineapple Grove Arts District in Delray Beach Florida. I was also the Gallery Manager for Martin Summers Fine Art in London. The gallery specialized in fine art including works by Picasso, Manet, Courbet, Warhol and Basquiat. 

Director at Delray Beach Marketing Cooperative

Photographer Robert Khoi is based in Glendale, Los Angeles, California, 91202.
Providing Portrait Photography, Headshot Photography, Family Photography, Corporate Photography & Event Photography. Either at our Glendale studio or on location. 

Robert Khoi

126 W Stocker Street, Glendale, California 91202 

+1 (818) 934-5676


Portraits, Headshots, Family, Corporate